Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is the advisory board to the City Commission on matters concerning the arts. The Arts Commission was appointed in April 2005. The Arts Commission researched, created and developed the Art in Public Places program.  The Arts Commission continues to serve the City by introducing new concepts and championing the current Art in Public Places programs.

Deborah Bottorff, Board Chair and Marketing Committee

‘The symposium will in turn draw a wide diversity of people to our community to see and learn about this magnificent art form and there by expanding our commerce and esthetic beauty for the village we live in; Art in all form makes home a better place.’

Anderson Slocombe, Board Member and Exhibit Committee

“The concept that ideas can not only have shape and color, but also motion and/or sound,  elevates the technology involved in producing the pieces to art.  Technology becomes art, or is it that technology is art?”

Paul Sirota, Board Vice Chair and Academia Committee

“Come meet International Kinetic Artists and have your poster and program signed.”

Rachael Mondesir, Board Member and Presenter Committee

“The International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium will be a paramount event for education, science, and art and will bring international attention to not only Boynton Beach, but to the United States as well.”

Robyn Lorenz, Board Member and Vendor Committee

“It is a one-of-a-kind event that will draw international attention to the city.” 

Aylin TitoBoard Member and Sponsor Committee

 ”Kinetic Art is a unique art form that generates excitement and curiosity among all generations.”

Will HatcherBoard Member and Entertainment Committee