Why was the Kinetic Symposium created?

Kinetic Art connects people because of its wonder and motivates them to discover how it’s made.  It transcends all boundaries as an art form. One doesn’t have to feel inhibited because they don’t have the sophistication to know about fine art.  It is this wonderment that brought the Art Commission and Ralfonso, International Kinetic artist,  President and Founder of the Kinetic Art Organization together to create the Kinetic Art Exhibit.

When the Arts Commission was forming their visioning plan their goal was to deliver an art event that transcended typical art fairs, brought international attention to the City of Boynton Beach, educated and engaged the public in the arts.  Ralfonso shared similar goals and was often approached by educators to speak to students about how Kinetic Art is made. Ralfonso brought his experience with kinetic art projects. He collaborated with universities in China and The Netherlands to integrate the creative disciplines such as sculpture, engineering, science, physics, fabrication and the environment to create dynamic kinetic art sculptures.  These have been huge successes and a learning experience for all involved.

Kinetic Art Organization co-founder Rein Treifledt who has created functional solar driven kinetic art throughout the Nation and now Internationally was introduced to the collaborative.  Rein’s interdisciplinary curriculum is the exact focus for integrated based  learning that is now becoming a National standard.  He has been working with professors at Drexel University to incorporate his Kinetic Solar Art curriculum into the national school systems.

Kinetic Art responds to the creative industries which is the future or our global economy. Kinetic Art uses many methods of motion. By learning about Kinetic Art it can become a study in alternative energy. The Kinetic Art Exhibit | Boynton Beach  will connect perfectly with the City’s second of its kind in the entire nation Green Building Ordinance and recipient of the GalaVerde 2011 South Florida’s LEEDership and Green award. The Kinetic Art that will be on exhibit throughout the City will attract green business as well as high tech industries. Even galleries that represent Kinetic artists, businesses that sell kinetic art components and even fabricating businesses will want to be involved in this Symposium.

International kinetic artists that present their artwork and speak about how their art is made will create stimulating and inspiring conversations.  This inspiration is infectious to students, educators, artists and the general public. The Kinetic Art Exhibit | Boynton Beach will appeal to a broad audience because of its multi level educational and exhibit components.

This excitement, discovery, inspiration and learning experience will amount to a successful Symposium that will put Boynton Beach on the map, deliver awareness to its partners and sponsors, establish a connection for Boynton Beach to attract visitors and an assortment of industries to the City; All through the wonderment of Kinetic Art!

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