2013 Vendors

Kinetic Art responds to the creative industries which is the future or our global economy. Kinetic Art uses many methods of motion. By learning about Kinetic Art it can become a study in alternative energy. The International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Sypmosium will connect perfectly with the City’s second of its kind in the entire nation Green Building Ordinance and recipient of the GalaVerde 2011 South Florida’s LEEDership and Green award. The Kinetic Art that will be on exhibit throughout the City will attract green business as well as high tech industries. Even galleries that represent Kinetic artists, businesses that sell kinetic art components and even fabricating businesses will want to be involved in this Symposium.

Vendor booths will include:

  • Green Technology products or services, such as solar panels, LED lighting, mechanical gears and mechanisms, ball bearing products and water cycling systems.
  • Affordable kinetic artworks such as tabletop pieces, mobiles, stabiles, garden artwork, games, toys and jewelry.
  • Galleries that represent Kinetic artwork and artists.
  • Video and film companies that produce Kinetic Art videos, products and services.
  • Fabrication companies that assist (or can assist) in the building of art including Kinetic Art.

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