The Arts Commission

The Arts Commission is the advisory board to the City Commission on matters concerning the arts. The Arts Commission was appointed in April 2005. The Arts Commission researched, created and developed the Art in Public Places program.  The Arts Commission continues to serve the City by introducing new concepts and championing the current Art in Public Places programs.

Each Arts Commission board member chairs a Symposium committee:

Deborah Bottorff, Board Chair,Marketing Committee and VIP Committee

Anderson Slocombe, Board Vice Chair and Exhibit Committee

Paul Sirota, Board Member, Academia Committee and  Youth Workshop Committee

TDB, Board Member and Speaker/Presentor Committee

Robyn Lorenz, Board Member and Vendor Committee

Aylin Tito, Board Member and Sponsor/Partner Committee

Did you know how the International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium logo came about? Each of the Arts Commission Board members chaired a committee to plan the event. Former board member and then marketing committee chair Donn Davenport applied his talents to create the logo.

We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers such as Donn Davenport who contribute to the Art in Public Places program success. Thank you Donn!