2019 Kinetic Awards

At the February 1-3, 2019 International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium a People’s Choice Awards was conducted.  The public votes on their favorite artwork and wards are given in each category for best Outdoor Artwork, Best Indoor Artwork and the best Art Experience.

The winners are:

IMG_2693People’s Choice Outdoor Artwork:
Beju Lejobart


Dude à l’eue Dudali

“Who is disconnected from reality; The Dudali figure, calmly fishing or his companion, desperately bailing water out of the boat? Which Dudali are you?”

On exhibit until now along with 11 other artworks that can be seen on a self-guided walking tour through downtown Boynton Beach through October of 2019. Located at: Pete’s Pond next to Casa Costa and the Boynton Beach Harbor Marina.

More information can also be found in our event guide available at the Boynton Beach Library listed as Augmented reality position 8.

People’s Choice Indoor Kinetic Artwork:

John Edmark


Aspire – From his bloom series.

“Blooms are 3D printed sculptures designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. Unlike a 3D zoetrope, which animates a sequence of small changes to objects, a bloom animates as a single self-contained sculpture. The bloom’s animation effect is achieved by progressive rotations of the golden ratio, phi (ϕ), the same ratio that nature employs to generate the spiral patterns we see in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotational speed and strobe rate of the bloom are synchronized so that one flash occurs every time the bloom turns 137.5º (the angular version of phi). Each bloom’s particular form and behavior is determined by a unique parametric seed I call a phi-nome (/fī nōm/).”

Check out the video from the artist below to find out more.

People’s Choice Interactive Kinetic Artwork:

Craig Colorusso

Sun Boxes – A solar-powered sound installation.

The soothing and energizing Sun Boxes that were set up for the exhibition are comprised of twenty speakers operating independently.  Each box, powered by the sun via solar panels, continuously plays a different guitar note loop.  These sounds collectively make a Bb chord. Once the piece began they continually overlapped and slowly evolved over time creating a beautiful and melodic tone that drifted with the wind. It was such a moving exhibit one of our Volunteers Angela was brought to tears.  You can check out her description and a video from the artist below.