Kinetic Art Community Project 2018/19

Students, artists and makers have formed a community collaborative to create and build a Kinetic Art Project.

Kinetic Kanopi 

Create a functional self-sustaining kanopi that incorporates various “green” elements along with apparent kinetic elements. Kinetic elements to consider are:

  • Movement from water, wind and/or solar
  • Demonstrates alternative energy uses and sustainability

The project will be exhibited in 1/2 scale during the Feb. 1-3, 2019 International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium and will include various hands on real time elements at full scale that will interactive with event attendees.

Kinetic Art Community

Join volunteers, students, professional artists, technology, engineer and fabrication experts who will guide and support the community to facilitate the design and implementation of Kinetic Community project for development of Kinetic Kanopi.

(See list of leaders and artists that are involved in the project below.)


May 2018 through implementation and exhibit at the February 1-3, 2019 International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium

Program Dates

  • Thurs. May 17, 3-5pm – Meet at Boca Bearings


  • Thurs. June 21, 3-5pm – Meet at Boca Bearings
  • Thurs. July 19, 3-5pm – Meet at Boca Bearings COMPLETED

Accomplished public artist Mark Fuller will present his public art project for the City of Boynton Beach Riverwalk development project. See 3-D animation and Mark’s creative concept renderings. Learn about how to prepare a proposal for a conceptual public art project. Story about Mark Fuller.

  • Thurs. Aug.  2, 3-5pm – Meet at Boca Bearings

Cory Oliver and Brian Carter of Boca Bearings will present concepts in renewal energy and harvesting motion


  • Thurs. Sept. 20, 3-5pm – Meet at South Tech

Mark Fuller will return to present fabrication methods for the Kaponi project.
Marilyn Walter will present resources for fabrication materials and methods to build conceptual models.
Kinetic Kanopi conceptual ideas developed

  • Thurs. Oct.  18, 3-5pm – Meet at South Tech

A representative from Palm Tran will present new bus stop needs and guidelines for fabricating and siting them along Federal Hwy.
Kinetic Kanopi conceptual ideas drafted for project build

  • Thurs. Nov. 15, 3-5pm – Meet at South Tech

Tim Brown will demonstrate fabrication skills. Students will have hands on sessions of how to cut, weld, solder and grind.
Kinetic Kanopiproject build underway

  • Thurs. Dec. 20, 3-5pm – Meet at South Tech
  • Thurs. Jan.    7, 3-5pm – Meet at South Tech

 Boca Bearings located at 1420 Neptune Dr. Suite A, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Boca Bearings :: Ceramic Bearing Specialists

South Tech Academy Automative Department located at 1300 SW 30th Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 South Tech Academy 

Program will offer

  • Conceptual planning
  • Kinetic and public art principals
  • Basic electrical and soldering
  • Metal working  -welding, cutting, and grinding
  • Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering concepts
  • Linux basic computing (raspberry-pi)
  • Solar energy, wind, water technology
  • Drawing, painting, and sculpting
  • Photography and videography
  • 3D printing
  • Safe working practices

 Student Participation Motivation

  • Receive community service hours
  • Receive letter of recommendation & certificate of completion
  • FREE bus passes to and from meetings
  • Participate and learn real life lessons by lead by professionals

Learn from leaders and professionals

Rolando Chang Barrero, B.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is an visual artist, arts advocate and independent curator. Rolando owner of The Box Gallery, Fine Art Gallery, ActivistArtistA Gallery,  founded the Florida Arts Association, a Florida not-for-profit, Art Synergy, Director of The Boynton Beach Art District and a member of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach and ArtServe in Broward County, Florida.Rolando is the lead artist for the Kinetic Community Project. He will contribute his diverse creative, leadership and marketing skills to commit to keeping the project focused for it’s  completion and showcase at the Feb., 1-3, 2019 International Kinetic Art Exhibit t and Symposium.

Tim Brown, Automotive Technology Instructor and Department Chair of Transportation Program at South Tech Academy. Tim offers his experience in industrial arts. He contributes his expertise in working with plastic, wood, metal and composite materials to create various projects. As an educator, my contribution will allow the Kinetic Community Group to explore their creative side, using equipment and materials while receiving hands on experience. Many of the Kinetic Community builds sessions will be held at South Tech Academy’s Automotive Technology shop offering conceptual exploration to welding and construction skills.

Marilyn Walter, a multidisciplinary artist, educator and artist in resident at The Hacklab.  In this era of technological digital devices, Marilyn’s artwork explores interactions and experiences when using social media outlets. Her work has been shown at venues in NYC, New Jersey, Texas and South Florida. Marilyn was a major participant in the 2017 Kinetic Art Community Project and wants to continue elevating it to the next level.

 Cory Oliver, Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at Boca Bearing headquartered in Boynton Beach. The company stocks 8000 different bearings and well over 10 million bearings and consistently leads the industry in advanced ceramic technologies.Cory supports the companies dedication to education in technology and innovation advancements. The company offers use of their innovation lab and extensive equipment to contribute the Kinetic Community Project.

Lisa Hartstein with over 25 years’ experience in nonprofit grants management, is excited to contribute her project development and management skills towards the Kinetic Common city Project.  Her interest in this project is driven by the belief that it is critical to teach sustainability to today’s youth for they are tomorrow’s custodians for a clean and healthy world.

Anne Miller’s passion for sustainability, education and community will keep the project on track to utilize natural resources and sustainable practices.

           Sponsored by:

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Collaborative Partners include:

South Tech Academy