2017 International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium’s outdoor exhibit

The City of Boynton Beach Arts Commission and the Kinetic Symposium Exhibit Committee has selected 16 outdoor kinetics for the February 3 – 5, 2017, International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium’s outdoor exhibit. 12 of the artworks are installed in east Boynton Beach with 4 site specific custom designed  kinetics that will be installed for the weekend event on Feb. 4 & 5, 2017


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DSC00171 1. Corner of E. Boynton Beach Blvd. and N Seacrest Blvd. at City Hall.
A 26’ tall iconic kinetic sculpture created and fabricated from fiberglass, precision board veneer, mahogany and light ash colored wood by Florida’s Ron Schroer’s titled “Well Blow Me Down, Popeye”, was inspired by it’s horizontal sway movement. $100,000ON EXHIBIT FOR WEEKEND EVENT ONLY
2Jim Paso 2. The west side of City Hall along Seacrest Blvd.
“Paradox of Bling,” represents Fun and Freedom, and is a 15’ tall stainless steel and dichroic glass kinetic sculpture by Texas kinetic artist Jim LePaso. $ 20,000
3 Anthony 3. The City Hall Parking lot at 100 E. Boynton Beach Blvd.
Florida professor and kinetic artist, Antony Castronovo, “Moonflower”, is a custom created robotic solar sculpture powers flowers to emerge from a central stalk with sensors that react to temperature, sunlight and the full moon. $35,000
DSCF2761-X2 4. Green space east of Old High School and south of City parking lot
Don Redman – Sante Fe, NM “Four Winds” Sail driven, self generating power sculpture made from repurposed items has been refurnished and exhibited for the first time since the 80”s. $100,000ON EXHIBIT FOR WEEKEND EVENT ONLY
5 Craig Gray 5. 123 E. Ocean Ave.
Craig Gray from Key West, created his custom made 12’ high kinetic artwork titled, “Winds of Wine.”that consists of a giant cork screw opening a coral-like stone wine cork flanked by two “cork” benches for studying the artwork. $15,000
6 Paul Daniel Kiko Cy 6. 125 E. Ocean Ave.
Paul Daniel of Baltimore, MD, named his artwork, Kiki Cy after the passing of his father Cy. A crane lifted the sculpture upright into position on it’s pedestal. Kiki Cy has five brightly colors elements that spin in the wind in a variety of movements atop a 14’ base. $90,000
7 tom B 7. 128 E. Ocean Ave.
Tom Brewitz of Boynton Beach’s 12.5’ high Gyra, is a stainless steel configuration of shapes that spin into new visual shapes when powered by the wind. $20,000
8 Kevin Duval Jovial 8. In front of the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum at 129 E. Ocean Ave.
Kevin Duval of North Carolina’s “Jovial”, a 14’ is a colorfully dyed steel wind driven rotating wheel mounted to a whimsical base. $21,000
 IMG_3676 9. 129 E. Ocean Avenue SCM courtyard
Stefan Radu Cretu – Romania “Moonfish”
A solar powered fish made with metal, resin with blue and green glowing plexiglass has evolved from the Moon’s dark side and projects whimsical noises. $45,000
IMG_8008 10. East of the Civic Center at 128 E. Ocean Ave. in between two large banyan trees
Stefan Radu Cretu – Romania “Open Air Aquarium” Mechanical metal, resin and plexi “reef squid” in varying sizes swim in the sculptures “aquarium”. $45,000 entire sculpture $2,500 for each “squid”.ON EXHIBIT FOR WEEKEND EVENT ONLY
untitled-124 11. East of the Civic Center at 128 E. Ocean Ave. in a green space between the Art Center and the Civic Center playground.
Elayna Toby Singer – Palm Springs, FL “Kinetic Intention” This mixed media kinetic tree art installation engages the community in cultivating intentions for personal and environmental balance while experiencing the art, science and soul of creating art that moves.ON EXHIBIT FOR WEEKEND EVENT ONLY
12 A Amos 12. 135 E. Ocean Ave.
“Revelation”, is a 15’ custom created kinetic artwork, by Amos Robinson from California consists
of spinning stainless steel “feathers” around a red glowing orb that lights up at night. $55,000
13 Darren 13. Next to the historical Magnuson House at 213 E Ocean Ave.
The kinetic artwork titled, “Floral Improvisation” by Darren Miller, from Illinois, is deep purple color and whimsical $6,000
14 John King Ying Yang 14. 306 E. Ocean Ave.
“Ying Yang #2”, is a 14’ sculpture that alternately spins ying yang symbols vertically and horizontally in the wind. The artist, John King is from Colorado. $15,000
15 DougTaylor LeafWeathervane 15. In front of the historical Jones Cottage at 480 E. Ocean Ave. 12’ high
“Leaf Weathervane” with a 5’w x 3’d metal lace lazar cut leaf that spins delicacy in the slightest breeze. Doug Taylor from British Columbia created the kinetic sculpture. $13,250
16 Beju 16. In Dewey Park located at 100 NE 4th St.
Beju LeJobart, of West Palm Beach’s custom created “Dudali Salsa”, is a 12’ tall colorful PVC pipe couple dancing in the wind with a third “Dudali” on a bench appreciating the salsa dancing couple. $10,800

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