2017 Image Gallery

Community volunteers with Kinetic art  project DSCF1510-X2 (1) DSCF1519-X4 DSCF2761-X2DSCF2954-X2 DSCF3066-X3 DSCF3154-X3 DSCF3161-X3 DSCF3238-X2 DSCF3519-X4 DSCF3724-X4 DSCF3740-X2 DSCF3916-X3 enjoying the event Kiko Cy by Paul Daniels Marbel Toy by Bruce Brown MIT Palm Beach club Revelation by Amos RobinsonDSCF2882-X3Don Redman with Four Winds Kinetic artists Reception untitled-29 untitled-32 untitled-54 untitled-64 untitled-75 untitled-100 untitled-102-2 untitled-123 untitled-124 untitled-133artists interact with visitors of all ages DSC00106 DSC00123 DSC00141 DSC00164 DSC00171 DSC00213 DSC00231 IMG_8008 Moonflower by Anthony Castrovono