Kinetic Art Forms

…Engaging in the learning process

“Art for art’s sake is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of the true, art for the sake of the good and the beautiful, that is the faith I am searching for.

–Letter to Alexandre Saint-Jean (1872)

Jean Tinguely “Metamechanics”

Kinetic artists seek to propel the mind to wonder and to encourage viewers to appreciate the joy in motion and learn about other ways it can benefit society. Wind power is an important alternative energy source that is created when its energy converts to other forms of energy like electricity, fuel, and power. Wind power can be created using forms of Kinetic art, such as wind turbines and wind mills.  The interactive dimension of Kinetic art has been regarded as a precursor to computer generated, digital and laser art. Kinetic art is the birth of the artists ideas and putting those ideas in motion.

Kinetic art is highly educational. The International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium in Boynton Beach, has commissioned kinetic artists to collaborate with middle schools in the Palm Beach County School District, as well as students at Palm Beach State College (PBSC). As a part of schools’ curriculum, math, science and art departments will form teams to build a Kinetic art piece that ultimately will be on display at the symposium. Younger students will create kinetic art mobiles and the older group of students will create a life size pendulum. Indoctrinating students at this level in the concepts of Kinetic art will establish continued interest in this exciting art form.

…Experiencing the endless possibilities

Improved technology combined with creativity is the starting point for Kinetic artists. Today Kinetic art is incorporated in many of our daily activities. Popular video gaming systems have features which require no controllers or remotes. Your body does all the work, getting kids off of the couch and moving, while still playing some of their favorite video games.

Technology and art is in demand and its ideas are being pushed, just as they always have been. This relentless pursuit has continuously provided artists with new palettes with which to create.

Kinetic sculptors take the additional challenge to incorporate the natural phenomena of water and air and turn an otherwise static piece into one that shifts and flows and creates movement.

“The walls between art and engineering exists only in the mind.”

— Theo Jansen