• 2019 Outdoor Exhibit

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    Art that ranges from optical illusions to mechanical movement has been defined as Kinetic art. In its simplest form, Kinetic art can be found in and around most homes. Wind chimes outside a kitchen window or a musical mobile are both examples of Kinetic art. However, most pieces are interactive sculptured works, made up of parts designed to be set in motion by an internal mechanism or an external stimulus, such as a Solar, Water, Wind, Motor or Interactive with the viewer. In contrast to fine art exhibits which are set up in galleries and studios for patrons to come and admire, Kinetic art is an interactive form of art that leads its viewers to wonder how it is made and how does it move. Some kinetic art installations are set up so that observer or visitor can walk in, on, or around them. Typically, computers and sensors will respond to motion, heat, meteorological changes or other input.

    Because it is constantly evolving, Kinetic art embraces new ways to improve technology needed for everyday life.


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